The Grand Echo

Fashion by AfroLuxTrap

Grand Echo," a three-piece fashion collection and poem, is as an homage to the remarkable line of mothers who came before me.

The Dress Shop Legacy: In the fabric of my family's history, my grandmother's dress shop stands as a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit and creative pursuit. In 1973, on a significant date long before my own birth, my grandmother opened her second dress shop in the charming town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Though I arrived into this world after her retirement, my grandmother's stories about her days as a seamstress echoed in my heart.

A Passion Unveiled: After my grandmothers passed away, their spirits seemed to guide me towards a path I had yet to discover. As I wandered into the realm of fashion design, their memories and the echoes of their craft became my guiding lights. I sought to honor their legacies by infusing my designs with the same love, dedication, and artistry that they had embodied throughout their lives.

Grand Echo: A Tribute Unveiled: "Grand Echo" emerged as a deeply personal project, intertwining my love for fashion design with a desire to pay homage to my grandmothers. It is a three-piece fashion collection and poem that encapsulates their influence and serves as a testament to their enduring legacy.

Each garment in the collection tells a unique story, representing different facets of my grandmothers' lives and personalities. The first piece, adorned with delicate lace and beadwork, reflects the timeless elegance and grace of my American grandmother. The second piece, featuring symbols and bold silhouettes, pays homage to the regal spirit and cultural heritage of my Nigerian grandmother. The third piece combines elements of both worlds, symbolizing the beautiful fusion of my dual heritage and the transformative power of fashion.

Accompanying the collection is a poem that serves as a lyrical tribute, capturing the essence of my grandmothers' spirits and the profound impact they had on my journey as a fashion designer.

The Grand Echo {Poem}
I ,Drip drop
From the ocean of my mothers might.
Soaring from her hearts, I Free fall through time.
Beating my wings,I fly on memories unseen.
My heart beats...Light, ringing the bell.
For my mothers, mother's, mother soul
I am the frequency of joy,
In the twilight of her shadow.
The weight of nature, is beauty
Carried over on. Trickling down,
Structure sweet roots,
From our star tree.
I am a leaf, Flowering fruits on top.

~ 2022

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