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Language Roots

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Language holds within it, culture, history and origins. According to my grandfather, our Igbo heritage traces back to a migration from Egypt, where our ancestors eventually settled in what is now southeastern Nigeria. The Igbo people encompass a diverse range of tribes and dialects, forming a vibrant tapestry of language and culture. Igbo is both the name of a language and tribe of people.

Linguistic Findings: Ancient Egypt and Igbo Language:
In an article published by The New York Times in April 2011, titled "Phonetic Clues Hint Language is Africa-Born," Nicholas Wade highlights research findings presented during a Conference on Indigenous Knowledge and the Challenges of the 21st Century. These findings shed light on the similarities between the Egyptian and Igbo languages. Linguistic studies have also revealed root word connections between Igbo and several other languages, further substantiating the linguistic ties that bind diverse cultures together.

Exploring Shared Vocabulary:
Here, are a few examples of word similarities between Ancient Egyptian and Igbo, showcasing the fascinating parallels that exist:

1. Egyptian: Tuf - 'to throw away'
   Igbo: Tufuo - 'to throw away'

2. Egyptian: Akhu - 'fire/light'
   Igbo: Oku - 'fire/light' (pronounced Oku)

3. Egyptian: Aru - 'body/form'
   Igbo: Aru - 'body/form'

4. Egyptian: Ra - 'Sun/Deity'
   Igbo: Ora - 'Sun/Deity'

5. Egyptian: Heru - 'Face of the Sun'
   Igbo: Iru - 'Face/of the Sun'

6. Egyptian: Ib/Ba - 'Heart'
   Igbo: Obi - 'Heart'

The Pictorial Origins of Igbo Writing:
Unbeknownst to many, the original written form of Igbo was pictorial and symbolic, akin to the Egyptian hieroglyphs and several other Asiatic languages. This form of communication allowed for the preservation and transmission of knowledge and stories across generations. The use of pictorial symbols speaks to the deep connection between language, culture, and visual representation.

The Universal Citizen Collection:
Inspired by the Igbo symbol for world "Uwa" or Universe, the Universal Citizens Collection pays homage to the legacies left behind by our ancestors through words. By embracing the symbols and writings of our past, we honor our heritage and preserve the unique identity of the Igbo people.

The linguistic connections between Ancient Egypt and Igbo language provide a fascinating glimpse into the shared origins and influences that shape our universal culture. From migration stories to root word connections, these linguistic parallels offer a testament to the interconnectedness of civilizations and the enduring legacies left by our ancestors.

Grandpa Ahanotu

Dedicated to my Grandfather, from your "Nwa Amerika"

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