Collection: All-Natural Perfume and Body Lotion

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It's easy to forget the harmonious bond between ourselves and the natural world around us. Reconnect with delicate citrus notes, fresh florals and woods earth scents, our all-natural perfumes capture the essence of wildflowers, enchanted forests, and sunlit flowers. Enriched with botanical oils and extracts, no compromises between smelling good and healthy skin products. Every blend offers its own set of benefits, fragrance(s) that suit various moods and needs. All of our products are produced in small limited batch and quantity.

The mini sample set contains 6 of our best perfume blends.
Learn more on Scent Profiles and How natural perfumes are made

All-natural products go beyond smelling good, our blends offer a multitude of benefits compared to high end synthetic counterparts. Free from harsh chemicals, alcohols and artificial additives, that can potentially irritate the skin, cause allergic reactions and dilute potency. Natural skincare products are a safer and healthier option for sensitive skin or those who are mindful of the ingredients.

Our perfumes and lotions are made in small batches and ship in 2 to 7 Business days depending on seasons and availability. Visit our Natural Perfumes Care and Ingredients page, for more information on our products.